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“Eggo,” World

Eggo: not just the name of a delicious, frozen waffle; this is also how Belle says “Hello!”

If you’re wondering whether you’ve happened across an obscure fitness blog, fear not! Running with Belle has very little to do with running (for you, at least), and everything to do with a mother and father raising an adorable little girl named Belle–who just so happens to have autism.

Why did we call it Running with Belle, then?

Simple. Belle runs everywhere. It’s a wonder she doesn’t kick her legs when she’s asleep. If she were a transmission she’d be an eight speed that’s stuck in eighth gear. And if it’s not enough that we have to run to keep up with her, she’s also lightning fast; can switch directions in the blink of an eye; and rounds corners quicker than a NASCAR driver. Maybe we should have called it “Keeping up with Belle…”

So, why did we start this blog?

It’s a desire to write about our life with Belle (and the ways autism has impacted us) because we hope that our experiences will be helpful to others (or at least give you a laugh from time to time). We’ve been angry, and sad; even lost, and confused. All of these more times than we can count, and we know there are plenty of others out there feeling the same way. Our hope is that our story can provide support, be a source of comfort, and help to educate those who are curious about autism (see “The Importance of Education“).

Delve into our crazy little life with us! Let us know how we can help you. Complain with us. Cry with us. But most importantly, laugh with us (“I’m hilarious” – Belle’s Dad).

Welcome to our world with Belle!

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