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What we’ve been doing the past two years

Two years! Somehow the time got away from us! It’s hard to look at our site and realize that our last post was that long ago. We didn’t set out to abandon this. We’ve had so much going on in the past two years, and we’ve thought constantly about writing about it. For whatever reason we just didn’t.

But, we’re back!

So, what’s been going on with us? Oh, not much, we just…

  • started ABA for Belle
  • sold our first house
  • bought our second
  • had our second child—a boy named Beau—the day after we moved into our new house
  • spent some time in the ER because of a surgery infection

Other than that? Just living out the pandemic. But let’s go ahead and expand on our bullet points.

Belle started ABA!

Belle turns seven this month, and she started ABA right after our last post to the blog in 2018. She was four at the time. So, it’s been a little over two years. The progress she has made has been amazing. We’re not having conversations, but she’s talking so much more, and verbalizing her wants! We still have to endure a meltdown every once in a while, but they’re much less often.

The people she works with are wonderful. Everyone seems to love her, and many of the therapists at the center want to work with her. However, up until this month the same therapist had worked consistently with Belle—aside from sick days, or vacation days. Starting yesterday she’s now working with a new therapist (blog post to come about the transition).

We have a new house, and Belle has a baby brother!

Change is difficult. For people with autism it can be extremely overwhelming. For us it can be tense because we never really know how Belle will react to it. September of last year saw us take on the mother load of change! We closed on the sale of our first home, and the purchase of our second home on the same day. After closing we moved everything into the new house. The next morning we headed to the hospital to have little Beau! Phew! What a wild couple of days it was!

With all of the new going on we worried about Belle, but she did better than us! There were no behaviors, no meltdowns, and she was so excited to get to explore a new house and neighborhood. It also happens to be one block from the park we spend so much time at!

As for Beau, he’s a very happy, healthy baby, and Belle adores him! She loves to put their heads together, and have him lay next to her when she’s falling asleep. We’re so excited for the relationship they’re building, and what it will look like in the future!

Surgery for dad, followed by infection!

Yep. I had my first ever surgery. For as long as I could remember I had a lump on the back of my right thigh. I finally got fed up with it, and scheduled to have it removed. All was well the first few days until the cut started swelling. It opened back up, and I wound up in the ER. Antibiotics fixed me up again, and now I have a lump-free thigh!

We survived to post another day!

We’re excited to be back to blogging. We have tons of posts lined up, and we’re going to try much harder this time to keep things going. So, please stick around! 🙂

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