Maybe the world needs autism

Maybe the world needs autism

Maybe the world needs autism.

Everyone seems to be trying to find a cause for autism. They are asking complicated questions, and expecting complicated answers, but maybe autism is simple. Maybe autism is as simple as a genetic code. As simple as how your hair, and eye color are determined. Maybe it’s in the genes–predetermined and unchangeable. Belle has brown hair, brown eyes, and autism.

Now, I know there are people out there who are rolling their eyes as they read this. They probably even think that I’m an uneducated fool. What those people are forgetting is the truth. The truth is that we don’t know with 100% certainty what causes autism.

What’s wrong with throwing a positive spin on it for once? Why not talk about autism in a way that makes parents of children with autism feel like they are great parents? I’m so sick of the parent-shaming (especially Mom-shaming) on decisions we make for our children. I mean, for real, what parent makes a decision for their children’s future in hopes of a “negative” outcome?

  • Vaccines cause autism
  • Junk food causes autism
  • Blue 1 causes autism
  • Watching tv causes autism
  • Being a “refrigerator mom” causes autism.
  • Drinking water causes autism (insert eye roll here)

Some of you may be thinking that autism hasn’t been around very long, and all of the sudden it is being diagnosed left and right. I beg to differ. Times have changed, and autism is finally getting the recognition it clearly deserves. Maybe there has always been an explanation for the “different” ones. That socially awkward kid in school may have been walking around undiagnosed. Or that student that had behavioral issues may have needed more help than detention.

Along with finding a cause, people tend to want to find a cure for autism. Maybe there is no “cure” for autism because there is nothing wrong with autism. My child with autism is not less than a neurotypical child. My child with autism is Belle. She does not need a cure. She needs support, understanding, and acceptance.

Autism may be different, but it is not wrong. Maybe the world simply needs autism.


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