Days with Belle

Just another day with autism #1

This morning was a little rough on Belle, and it all started when Dad said goodbye as he was headed out the door to work. She had a mini meltdown and was pretty worked up until I turned on her current favorite movie (Rio 2). Must be something about those colors and the music that she can’t help but dance to.

All was right in the world again. (Whew!) That is, until we had to head out the door for school. She decided she didn’t want to walk to the car, so I carried her from the house. When we got to the car she jumped right in and sat on the console instead of in her car seat. It was clear she wasn’t quite ready to hit the road, so I stood there in the 5 degree weather attempting every tactic I can think of to get her into her car seat. Finally, after about five minutes – success!

We took our usual route to school, and everything was going well, but she didn’t want to walk into school (picking my battles here). Carrying my 40lb child from the school parking lot to her classroom is an excellent reminder of exactly how out of shape I am, but that’s beside the point.

Belle had been hanging onto this long green (fake) stem which she just so happened to drop in the middle of the snowy parking lot filled with cars and people. I felt terrible, but I just couldn’t go looking for it at that point. So we continued our journey to her classroom with Belle making her complaints along the way.

Once we got to her classroom she refused to let me put her down. She wouldnt take her hat, gloves or coat off, either. She was making sure I knew she was less than thrilled about my earlier decision. After a few minutes one of the teachers aides was able to take over and try to brighten the day of one upset little girl.

I was on a mission as I walked out of school. I just had to find that fake, long green stem. I probably looked like a crazy person staring at the ground of the school parking lot in freezing temperatures, but I found it! I rushed back into her classroom where she was still in the arms of the teachers aide. As I showed her the stem her face lit up. Who would have thought that such a simple thing could make her day?

And that smile that I got from her made mine!


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