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Belle running to her swing set
Being Belle, Discussion

Sleep fighting

Our doctor informed us, and I have read that children with autism often have sleep difficulties. They have trouble with falling asleep, waking up in the middle of the night, etc. So it goes for Belle. She sure does love to fight sleep! When she has a routine with school, and a scheduled nap time she usually does very well. For the most part she gets a good night of sleep, it’s just getting her to close her eyes for the first time.

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Belle watching birds
Being Belle

Backward hugs and head fives

One thing that I’m incredibly grateful for is that even though Belle is on the Autism Spectrum, she loves to cuddle, and give hugs. Many people on the spectrum have difficulties with physical attention–hell, many people in general have difficulties with physical attention. It’s hard for them to feel pressure of any kind, and can make them extremely uncomfortable.

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Belle with her ladybug backpack
The Diagnosis

The start of our journey

Our 1½ year wellness checkup was our first heads up that we completely ignored. At that time Belle’s pediatrician told us that she should be saying more than she was, but we weren’t concerned. We knew other kids who were older than her that weren’t talking, or weren’t talking much.

We left the appointment that day with the confidence, and mindset that Belle would be talking any day now.

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Belle's hand with a bowl of almonds

Girls’ Night Out

As a mother to a child with autism, Girls’ Nights are few and far between. Recently, my sister-in-law invited me to a night on the town with a few of her girlfriends. After some convincing on her end, I finally agreed to the evening out. It also happened to be the first time going out with anyone who is unaware of my daughter’s diagnosis. I was a little nervous, to say the least, but I was hopeful to have a good time.

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Belle staring at the sunset

“Eggo,” World

Eggo: not just the name of a delicious, frozen waffle; this is also how Belle says “Hello!”

If you’re wondering whether you’ve happened across an obscure fitness blog, fear not! Running with Belle has very little to do with running (for you, at least), and everything to do with a mother and father raising an adorable little girl named Belle–who just so happens to have autism.

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